storing seeds, will they be viable???

lodigardnerMay 2, 2009

Hi everyone, i have a question about seed storage. Now, this is my first year starting from seed, and i have a lot of leftover seeds from my packets. (Burpee,Seeds of Change,and Botanical interests. Im on sort of on a tight budget so i want to save leftovers for next year. My question: can i store them in the freezer, or is there a better way?

List of leftover seeds--

Eggplant Rosa Bianca BURPEE

Sage, Common BURPEE

Basil, Lemon BURPEE

Tomato Brandywine BURPEE (unopened)

Coriander (Cilantro)BURPEE


Sweet Bell Pepper BOTANICAL INTERESTS (unopened)

German Chamomile (unopened)

Holy Basil (seeds of change)

green and red velvet okra (seeds of change)

Thank you everyone!! :D

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You can store them in a freezer in an air tight container and most will last a long time. But you must let the container come to room temp before opening or you will kill your seeds. They will store fine in a room temp cool dark place though. The years are for storage in a cool dark dry place where germination will be about the same as this year.

Eggplant - 5+
Sage - not sure, but other salvia members I have grown last a few years quite well
Basil - many years
Tomato - 5+
Coriander (Cilantro) - ?
Parsley - 2 years
Sweet Bell Pepper - 3 years
German Chamomile - ?
Holy Basil - ?, it is still a type of basil, so I assume a long time also
okra - 5 years

Hope this helps : )

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gardener_mary(6 MA)

I store my seeds in a container in the refrigerator, they seem to hold up very well.

Good gardening, Mary

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