S. hallii care???

kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))August 22, 2013

I went to the conservatory yesterday to see their blooming titan arum, and lo and behold, the gift shop had a Sansevieria hallii plant. So, of course, I bought it.

I don't really know the best way to take care of this plant. The picture shows it in the bag coming home from the conservatory. It is still in its original pot with its original soil. I gave it a drink because the soil was completely dry, and I have put it on a table near a south-facing window with the light filtered out by some other plants.

Is there anything I should do differently from regular old S. trifasciata in caring for this species? It is so unique and I would hate to kill it!

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

Oh, completely off-topic, BUT... here's a pic of the titan arum (the world's tallest flower). The bloom was much taller than I am, although it was already starting to decay after 24h. It also stank to high heaven.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thank you for the picture. I guess I would treat it just like the rest. I am no expert. See who else replies.

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

Oh hey Stush, you live near me. This hallii has at least 3 offshoots and looks pretty root-bound... Not sure of the best season to split the plant, but when I get brave, If you'd like one, I'll give you one!

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

If I were to guess, I'd call it a S hallii 'Lundi". All the standard hallii's I've seen have a "D" cross section, never deeply grooved. Here's my S hallii. As for care, treat it like most sans in that it will appreciate fresh soil, warmth, bright indirect light, and humidity, but not wet feet.

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Very nice find!! I find mine to be a slow grower but one I like!

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Ok every one! Now I am jealous!
What great luck all are having!
Nice looking sans.

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Thanks for showing us the arum flower. It looks like an alien! Worth the trip to see it, plus you found your sans too.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

We may bump into each other fighting over the clearance rack at Lowes'. Ha ha. Just kidding. Thank you for you offer but I have much more than I can handle right now. I would separate them come spring after the winter killing season is over. You can give mine to Enterotoxigenic if you wish.
I live near the old Pittsburgh Airport in south-west Pitt.

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

LOL! I'm in Wilkinsburg, so unless you like the Lowes at the Waterfront, we'll probably keep out of each others' paths. Just stay away from the K-Mart in Edgewood! (J/k)

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Kat, your hallii looks like it is dehydrated.
As for care: mine is outside all year exposed in summer and winter. In the summer we have down pours of rain and this guy takes it. In winter we have very little rain and I seldom supplement. Basically it is very forgiving. Of course you will have to adjust your care to your climate but it should do OK for you.

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I think Hallii is probably more prone to rot than the standard trifasciata (which as everyone knows is very forgiving as a houseplant), and Hallii should be treated more like a succulent. Mine had a huge underground tuber and I had to put it in a big pot (to get it deep enough to stand up), but it rotted. Make sure it gets some decent sun, and draining soil. Sitting in damp soil inside the house = bad.

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

Thanks for the tips, laura and noki! It's in a pretty well-draining mix right now and I've basically been waiting for it to get pretty dry, then drenching it. I anticipate needing to err on the side of dryness for the winter months.

It's been a lot happier in its spot than I expected and I'm actually a bit concerned about what to do with it. Over the past week or so, I noticed the (plastic) pot getting deformed-looking. Then, today when I checked on the plants, I noticed that the entire pot was balanced on one corner -- pups have suddenly sprouted out of the bottom of the pot! (Apparently it likes my watering schedule?)

Is it too late in the year to divide this plant? I am unsure of the best course of action...

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Normally, I would say no, but if you got a warm spot for it this winter, go for it. I like to use Root-tone on the cuts. Can't hurt. Don't forget to let the cuts heal before planting.

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The same as you do any other San. or succulent, is it is a rooted plant. give a gentle tug on the leaf and it will let you know if it has roots.I must quit now, my hand is getting tired. The right hand is damaged. Norma

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

Split the plant last week, got 3 small plants and a mama plant. Mama could probably have been split into 2 again herself, but I didn't want to risk killing both halves because of how very tangled the root system was. I let the cuts callus over before replanting, and potted everyone up in a well-draining mix. The one on the left is the one that came out the bottom of the pot. The one on the right already had such a big root system, I couldn't fit it into any of the pots I had on hand, so I improvised :) I actually really like how the clear plastic shows the moisture level and root system of the plant... Maybe I'll look into getting a glass drill and turning vases into planters for some of my other plants!

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

Here's Mama Plant back in her spot near the window... The leaf edges always look brown on this plant. When I bought it, the plant was completely dried out and in severely compacted soil, and apparently the browned edges/tips are permanent. Good thing I like my plants with a bit of 'character'.... ;)

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