Prune leggy Mystic Spires NOW???

rosynmontgomeryJuly 17, 2009

My MS salvias have been in the ground for a year. They were 3 little sticks per plant and about 1 foot tall. At the height of their glory this past fall they were over 5 feet. But now (in July in zone 7-8 Texas) they are falling over and VERY leggy. The main stem is huge and very visible. Can I prune at all now or is there a better time and can I hope for blooms when the new growth comes out??? thanks in advance for the help.


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Oh great! I just planted 6 'Mystic Spires' earlier this summer! They were labeled as a "compact form" of 'Indigo Spires'. :-) I look forward to the response on this so that I can be prepared.



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You mush have "Indigo Spires" it gets about 5'x 5' . I have "Mystic Spires" which has been more compact and
attains a height of closer to 3 foot in bloom.Mine has been
in the ground for a year now. In either
case cut it back about a third so the crown can push
new growth out and fill in the open area's.With our 100
degree days (and a little help from the Irrigation)it should
recover pretty quickly.

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