Gerbera seeds from the garden

MGPinSavannahMay 14, 2010

I'm growing gerberas in a raised bed in my garden (one of them actually overwintered for me last year!). Can I harvest seeds from the spent flower heads? (I assume I'd have to let the flower heads completely dry out until they look almost like dandelions, right?) I love the plants and would love to experiment with saving the seeds from year to year.

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Gerbera seed are not the best to try and save seeds from. They often are not viable. They will be thin and bendy.
When they are good, they are not viable for very long, only a few months.
They are also difficult to germinate and grow to a seedling stage. The link below has info in the seed propagation section.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gerbera Daisy Fact Sheet

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Thanks, remy, for your information and the link. I'm thinking I may do better by trying to encourage more of them to overwinter for me, by mulching and hoping! The one that overwintered is enormous compared to the "newbies." My next experiment is to see what colors do best in my beds. The one that overwintered was bright red.

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