teresabo(4MN)May 31, 2005

This year I am growing some Lantana (Desert Sunset), which are an annual in this region. I don't like buying new plants yearly. Has anyone saved seed from these that can describe the seed pod? Also, will they bloom the first year?

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anderson4paint(Z7 Long Island)

I bougt the plants last year and I love them. Unfortunately, new to gardening it never occurred to me to save the seeds. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I do believe the seeds just begin to appear, they are pretty big and black. I don't think you can miss them. Here is a site wit a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Seed Site

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Great! Thank you!

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I like this plant alot too. They have lots of seed. Little black wrinkled things. I have never had great luck getting them to germinate. I planted them shallow watered spareingly and put them in a ziplock bag till they germinated. Start early as they are slow growers.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

When the flowers fade you will see the seeds, you won't miss them as they are distintive looking and look like a cluster of tiny berrys...The seeds will germinate but they are not easy and they seem to take a long time...however the plant itself is easy to ropogate...I just take a snip from the end of a branch and stick it into the soil. I don't always even use a hormone powder but it would help I'm sure...I always have a spot that I call my nursery and I keep them there...not too hot, not too cold and usually like dappled sunlight and they'll be rooted before you know it...the seeds might take months so plant them where they won't be disturbed...I would plant them in small pots so you can move them when necessary...Lantana is one of my favorite plants because it's like your dog, they love you and thrive.

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Thanks all! I'll for sure try the seeds - I'll have to decide on cuttings when I figure out everything else I'll be that I'll be saving cuttings from.

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If you Nick and then soak the seeds for 24hours it speeds up the germination process.

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I've bought Lantana for two years now. I thought I saved seed last year but I couldn't find them. If I take a cutting can I keep it in the house over winter?

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harlgr8dane(5b ON)

Hmmm...this is the species that I think I also have....but the only thing I see on it are green little balls - which I think are the seed pods. If I leave them on, they fall off and I assume are eaten by some critter....are these not the seed pod?

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If it is like the lantana that I have, the green balls should turn black. They are like little berries.

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I planted the seeds one year and all I got was green plants, never any flowers. I was told you can only grow lantana from cuttings. Is this true?

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LOL; the mockingbirds generally get all of my berries before I get to harvest them. I tried to winter sow the few berries that I did manage to steal away from them, but they never germinated :(

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I have some lantana seed (about 25) from this year's plant if anyone wants them to try propagating by seed. I can mail out a couple with a SASE. New to this forum- do we do seed trading here? I belong to Dave's garden and I do that there.

I've never tried germinating lantana before, but this year I'm trying. I see it takes 180 days to germinate! I wonder if using my heating mat will help. It works wonders for seedstarting and even rooting cuttings in water or potting mix.

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Easy to root a sprig in water over winter. Then cut up rooted cutting in spring to start more rooted cuttings as winter ends.

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Carol Cutler

Can you winter the plants in a warmer place if they are potted? I have two that are outside now and thought about putting them in the garage overnight when it's freezing outside. Otherwise, how would I root a cutting? I'm pretty novice when it comes to plants! :) Thanks!

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Matthew Condon - Indiana.Matt - IN, Zone 5/6(Indiana Zone 5/6)

Can I overwinter my Lantana in my basement?


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When I worked at a nursery, i'd save seed and pay attention to what and when things set seedv - so I could save them, of course ! The yellow lantanas set seeds the best. i think they were a slightly different variety. Some lantanas have prickly stems while others don't. i was told that is one way to tell the species apart....esp. since some species overwinter better than others.

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