Sans in Show & Contest : Queen Sirikit Garden THAILAND

stephaniaAugust 9, 2008

The Ornamental plants Show & Contest has been hold at Queen Sirikit Gardens,

Bangkok, THAILAND between Aug 8-12. The place is close to Chatuchak Plant Market.

These are some nice Sans in the Show & Contest.

Sans. 'Koko' (cf. Sans. rhodesiana)

Sans. 'Samurai' dwarf form.

Sans. suffruticosa

Sans. 'Samurai' dwarf form

Sans. sp 'Malawi Bat'

My friend, Gift Wattana with variegated Sans. pearsonii

A new cultivar, dwarf 'Baseball Bat' which was mutated in Thailand.

Another remarkable, dwarf Sans. cylindrica.

Sans. caulescens 'Super Star'

A couple of nice variegated 'Baseball Bat'

Variegated Sans. masoniana

Variegated Sans. zeylanica

Sans. 'Tom Grumbley'

Three new Thai's hybrids

Sans. kirkii var. pulchra 'Copper Tone'

cf. Sans. aetiopica

Sans. trifasiata cultivars.

Hope you will enjoy (^_^)


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Thank you so much for showing us the pictures of a wonderful event.


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Thank you so much for these photos. The plants are incredible! Each plant is large and robust, the leaves are perfect (no blemishes). All are beautiful. some of those variegates are incredible!! Wow!

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Great pictures of some very striking plants!

When people show their Sans do they show them in the pots they grow them in or do they repot them? Perhaps those pots are cache pots? Just curious because some of the pots look to be larger than what I would think they would be growing in. They are all very beautifully displayed.

Thanks for sharing your photos!


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Thanks guys (^_^)"

Yes, Jim...Most of Sans growers here grow their plants in those nice containers.

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heygeno(z5 oh)

beautiful pictures !

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Thanks for posting these pictures, those are some spectacular plants! I would love to move to Thailand, or at least travel around there someday. Why is it that it appears to be the land of unique cultivars, plentiful hybrids, and rare species when it comes to plants such as Euphorbia milli, Aglaonemas, Adeniums, Crotons, and apparently, Sansevierias as well. Am I missing anything?

Why is it that nurseries in Thailand seem to always produce the coolest plants and come up with all these crazy looking cultivars, interesting hybrids, and rare mutations? Is it something in the water they drink? lol

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this was a very old post - but i am glad to see it.
very unusual plants. i wonder are these available anywhere in US?
i especially like s.rhodesiana 'koko', 'samurai' and suffruticosa.
but all of them are simply stunning!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I wish the pictures were showing.


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wow, that's weird. just 2 days ago pics WERE showing.
what is even MORE weird, is that i just pulled them on google, they are visible. and it shows gw forums as source. but when you go to view page - they don't load.???
so it's GW that's somehow blocks them?

This post was edited by petrushka on Mon, May 26, 14 at 18:30

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since i did save my fave's for ref. here they are:
top: koko and samurai
bot: masoniana and suffruticosa.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a



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