HELP!! Soft base in one leaf of my Sans?

sabrina_nAugust 15, 2014

Hi there!
I'm new to gardening and am currently growing a Sans. Potted about 2 weeks ago and watered generously. It's summer here, and i checked if the soil was dry with a stick and watered again today. However, while i was watering and cleaning the leaves of the Sans, one of the plants came off! It has a single leaf on it, the plant came off with no grown roots (i don't remember if i planted it that way, as in with no roots, probably not).

The base is soft and mushy, and there is a slight protrusion at that end. I am hoping and praying that the protrusion is a new root! I searched a lot for similar photos, but failed to find anything on it.

Please help! The leaf is really young and rather healthy! I feel so bad...

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Here are two more photos of the base... Help please :(

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

All that mushy stuff has to be cut off with a clean knife and wash the knife each time with an alcohol wipe. The cuts need to heal over for about a week then planted in stones or pumice. Kept out of the sun and in shade. In 3 to 6 months if they live that long, they will form roots. Only at that time, water lightly. You can lightly mist the stems daily. But I think your plant is a goner. Not worth all the effort to try to save. I have seen these plants on sale for about $4 or less at Wal-Marts or Big Box Stores.

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I am not sure if I read your post correctly, but anything mushy is a bad sign. Even if there was a root protruding at the base, the base of that leaf is dead for sure. It should be hard and "solid" feeling, that looks mushy and flimsy to me.

Do you have a picture of the entire plant in question?


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zzackey(8b GA)

Sansevrias can take it very dry and shady. we had two on either dis of our fire place we barely watered. They got no real light and they thrived. We watered about once a month never fertilized. They loved it.

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I agree with zackey, but it is important to note that (as with any plant), the less light it receives, the less water it should receive and vice versa.

And while "low light plants" will tolerate low light, most if not all, will be happier in brigher light. Sansevieria can take sun (indoors and some outside too depending on where you live and the time of day).


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I appreciate all the great advice :)

I'm afraid the potting mix (just potting soil... :3) was all wrong. Even though i wasn't watering it much (watered it once this last month), and the soil was dry (D-R-Y) when i actually DID water it, it must've retained the water too long and caused the rot.

This leaf wasn't the only one that was affected. I took out all my plants and checked, and found root rot on 2 out of 5 other plants... :(

The plants I had originally bought about a month ago were in bad (BAD) shape, i bought them so that i could revive them (probably shouldn't have attempted it being a newbie, but the nursery that was selling it would've killed it anyway).

The mushy leaf base- NOT giving up on this little guy so soon! I've cut the rotten portion off, and left it to rest for a week. Added some cinnamon powder to the cut-end in all cases (leaf-base and roots. read in some discussions that it helps, correct me if i am wrong please).

Fingers crossed!


P.S. Will post pictures soon!

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Oh also, i mentioned in my original question that i potted it about two weeks ago. Checked the dates and turns out it's already been a month lol

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I think we kill more with love. Water too much. If totally neglected, they thrive. I have seen plants at K-Marts that were all dead and dryed up except the snake plants, they were doing great. If in doubt, don't water.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6
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