Lilac Seeds and Crepe Myrtle Seeds

JanetGrannyMay 21, 2005

Where do I find these seeds on the bushes? Any information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

I'm not sure about lilac, but on crepe myrtle, after the flowers are gone there'll be these pea sized brown berry/balls. They'll break open into segment shaped seeds. PS thanks again for your seeds!

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SugarPineBoy(z8 NorCal)

Crape Myrtle seeds are fairly easy to collect. Once the seed pods dry out on the tree, you can collect them and open the pods. Like Romando says, they are pea shaped but in segments that split open fairly easily. The seeds inside have a bit of a wing attached. I've successfully propagated Crape Myrtle from these seeds in Jiffy Peet Pellets. Just sink them in about 1/4 inch into the pellet and keep it moist for a few weeks. About a 1/5 of my seeds were successfull in starting. My Crape Myrtle flowers are purple.

I would assume that if you can't find the seed pods on your Crape Myrtle, then the flowers probably didn't get polinated. My seed pods were pretty obvious. Send me a SASE and I'll mail you some seeds.

Hope this helps.

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I am looking for some deep purple crape myrtle seeds. I read your post on GardenWeb. Are your crape myrtle a light purple or the deep purple?

Linda in Wilmington, NC

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The Lilac Seeds are purple and Crepe Myrtle are pink.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Lilac seeds make themselves very obvious. They are lumpy things that form where the flower clusters were, way out on the ends of branches, in very visible locations because they bloom most in the exposed sun. If they actually form on your lilacs you will be sure to notice them!?! My lilacs tend to sucker a lot so I never tried to plant them from seed, but I am vaguely thinking about trying it.


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schellehawk89(Zone 8 Georgia)

When is the best time to cultivate crepe myrtle seeds? My deceased grandparents had a gorgeous crepe in their yard. But their house was recently bulldozed down to prepare for a new highway. I would truly love to start some trees from the one in their yard before it, too is gone. Please tell me when to get the seed pods.

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