Great Gifts from Stush

bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)August 17, 2013

I had been waiting for the gifts to arrive and finally I received them yesterday :)
Thank you so much Stush. They are very beautiful plants, I love the pattern in the variegation on Bantel's sensation and the extra you included; Dwarf hahnii marginated.

I have been reading more about Bantel's sensation and so far I understand that....
1. It loves to get a warmer brighter spot (in winter).
2. Cold sensitive/ really hated cold (so watering should be less+ let it dry between watering in my opinion). What is the minimum temperature for it, especially in winter indoor?
3.The leaves are very susceptible to rust/ avoid splashing water onto the leaves. Is this true?

I am new to Sans and open to any suggestions for both Bantel's sensation and Dwarf hahnii marginated. Here are the pictures:

open the package :)

planted yesterday

from a different angle

hahnii marginated

another angle

Thank you :)

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Don't they look nice! I think you will enjoy growing these two for a long time.

I think you have the right ideas on growing them. They should be fine if you keep them inside in a warm spot. Water about every three weeks or so in the winter. More water in the summer when it's hot.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Good advise. I have lost some during winter due to 60 degree temps. The ones I had keep at min. 70's did well. My one great window is too cold during winter. This is where I had my greatest loss. All the ones I kept in my old fish tank (55 gal.) did well and with a few 20 w.lamps on yet. One shop lite double bulb lamps with 32 W. T8 bulbs is all a whole stand full would need.
As far as water on the leaves. Anything goes during summer but winter is different. Keep dry and as with all sans, don't get water in their crowns or leaves if possible. Sounds like you know what your doing. Have fun with them.

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As above! They dont mind water in summer when actively growing. Winter is a different story. My BS is outside on a cool evening in a drizzle right now. In winter is anothervstory.

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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)

bmock, stush and woodnative: thank you so much for your advise. Glad I asked about minimum temperature for Bantel's sensation, thought it can go to 50's. Thanks again :)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great plants!


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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

Just my 2 cents that last winter I kept a small Bantel's Sensation in a room where it was usually in the 50s, though sometimes on the weekends I turned the heat up. The only windows were west facing and mostly blocked by the neighbor's house. I did not water the plant until spring when the house was warmer. It survived. It's not the greatest looking specimen in the world, but it's alive. Come to think of it, it hasn't grown much this summer either. I guess my point is the plant can put up with some pretty dismal conditions as long as you're okay with it just sitting there like a stone (and treating it like one). That was more than 2 cents, sorry.

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eaksqueak I find the plants sit there most of the summer......all the action is UNDERGROUND and soon the new pups will pop up if they have not already done so.

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