How do I save seeds?

erdnuss(6)May 15, 2008

For most of my plants I'll be saving, I know how to collect the seeds. It seems every where I've looked to find out how to save seeds, I just find info on how to collect them from the plant/flower...

What I'd like to know is the "after collecting" stage. Do I need to let seeds dry out after I've removed them from the plant before I place them in an air tight bag/container in a cool place? If I am suppose to dry them, how do I do this? Lay them out on a tray for a few days?

Or can I go straight from plant to cool storage with out actually drying them. Please let me know, thanks!

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Quote from the link: There are three rules for storing seeds so that they will grow well in the following season.

Make sure the seeds are well dried before you store them.
Store them in the coolest place possible.
Protect the seeds from moisture.

Lots more to the article at the link!

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