Ballyi 'Minnie'

barbmockAugust 13, 2013

This plant is going crazy. It has 7 pups in various stages. I have had it for about a year. I bought it from a GW member who posts over on the Cactus and Succulent forum.

It looks very close to another Bally that I have. The main difference that I see is this one puts out the offsets at the base of the plant or some underground, while the other one sends the offset right out of the center of the plant.

I am hoping to start a discussion about the Ballyis. I know there are quite a few variations on this plant. I think they were collected by a guy named Bally, I don't know any more than this, but some of you will, I am sure.

So, show me your Bally!

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Does anyone have a Bally to show us? Mine is getting lonely here at the top of the list.

Are the some interesting stories about Ballys?

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Hi bmock
just so your not lonely
mine bloomed last Christmas it seems it like it doesn't like staying in the pot

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Hi Richard,

Thanks, I don't feel lonely now!

Nice plant! And blooming no less. I really like it when they take off into mid air. Do you grow yours in sun or shade?

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HI Bmock
I grow all my plants indoors in a glass room
I have over three hundreds plants and I am learning
to identify them.


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What a nice growing space you have. And what a nice collection, looks like mostly cacti and succulents. Thanks for the picture.

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