Question on Store bought Fuchisa plant .

paulan70(5)May 28, 2009

Ok I recently bought this beutiful fuchisa hanging basket and it is starting to have little seed pods start. On the tag it says it is a Hybrid. So will it make viable seeds or should I just cut off the starting seed pods. Thanks


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I am curious about this one as well. A greenhouse owner told my friend that they were sterile. I hope not.

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A hybrid can make viable seed. Sometimes hybrids are sterile, not often, but sometimes. If a hybrid's seed are viable, the babies they produce will not be the same as the parent. How different depends on how much variation is in the lineage of the hybrid.

I found a great link with a photo of a viable Fuchsia seed. They seem to be like hard round black balls. The grower's hybrid plant produced one viable seed which they grew out, and they have a pic showing the difference between plants!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fuchsia Hybrid Seed Photos

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Thank you that site looks very interesting, I will have to really it check it out soon before the plant is allowed to set seed. Thank you again.


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