Peach tree seed help

janet_w(TX 8)May 20, 2006

I put up a lot of peaches today. Can these seeds be planted to grow peach trees? If yes, how do I clean and store the seeds and when should they be planted?

Thank you


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Do you know what variety they are? If it is a hybrid, I wouldn't save it, because of having to wait and see what you might get (it won't come true), and it might not be worth all the time and trouble.

If it is not a hybrid, I'd say, 'go for it'.

My seed saving book says...clean off pulp...float for empty seeds.

Don't let them dry out for more than a few weeks b4 planting. Sow in Aug, or early Sept, after a period of stratification.

Possibly someone else know more about the stratification period.

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just plant them all and dont worry about it. nature will take good care of it all. they take a long time to come up. they always seem to come up in the spring anyway. so dont worry about when you put them in.

what I have done is plant them in a long row. with a marker at each end. then the next year when they come up I know where to look for them. I can dig them up and move them to where I want them to grow.

it gets real cold here and not all of the seeds live through the winter for me. but that is good. i only want the hearty kinds.

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