Bought some fresh peas, can I save/dry them?

spaghetina(SF Bay Area)June 20, 2009

My favorite farm stand has the absolute best fresh English peas I've ever eaten. The pods are huge (about 6"), and the peas inside are almost always tender, crisp, large, and sweet.

Today, I went and picked up about 5 lbs. to eat raw (I'd rather sit with a bag of peas than a bag of chips), and a few were a bit old and beginning to split. I put them aside thinking maybe I could dry and save them to plant in the fall.

(Stupid sounding question, I know, but this is my first year gardening, so bear with me, lol.) Is is even possible to save the peas from something I bought and plant them later? Would I need younger peas than ones that are splitting, or is it ideal to have them be as old as they are? I did a search, and found a bit of info about drying beans, but I think that might be something different??

How would I go about saving these peas? I have about 30 of them sitting there with the pods cracked open right now.

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There are alot of produce that you buy in the stores that the seeds are vaiable and will produce. Frugal gardening has alot of tips on that one.

Peas need to be on the vine till the pod is hard to produce seed that is viable. I added a link for saving seeds for veggies and it also includes peas in this.

I hope that helps ya!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant A Garden

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spaghetina(SF Bay Area)

Thanks, countrycarolyn! That link will come in great handy in the coming months. :)

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