Is coarse sand necessary in planting S. Officinalis?

ginjjJuly 9, 2010

In reading Betsy Clebsch's Salvia book she recommends incorporating coarse sand or grit into the soil when planting Salivia Offinalis. She also recommends planting it on a mound.

My soil is well amended (over 30 years) clay.

If I use the sand or grit where would I buy a small amount, what would it be called, and how much do I need?

I've grown salvias before and just put them in well amended soil and they did fine.



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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The sand is for drainage. Do you know your soil type, and are you planting on a slope? A raised bed is advised for a low area.

You can get a builder's sand (washed, to make concrete) from building suppliers. If they don't have it, they would know who does.

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I've never had my soil tested but it was originally clay. Over the 30+ years I've been gardening here and adding compost each year, it is quite nice now.

It won't be on a slope.

Does this suggestion apply to all Salvias?


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

From what you report about your soil, it probably won't need the sand. A looser, more airy soil would allow more air to the roots and increase longevity, and make a leaner soil. A rich soil will encourage fast growth and a shorter life span.

Your soil sounds optimal for the subtropical sages. In general, xeric (desert) and alpine sages prefer leaner, looser soils.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

My Salvia oficionales var bergarten is extremely happy in a very fast draining limestone rubble with a bit of native mulch built up through the years from live oak and cedar growing in the area. It is mostly gravel, fossils and a bit of caliche. alkaline and Lean and very un claylike. In town, my friends who live on clay grow it in pots mostly. It takes drought and heat very well.

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