I really stink at seed saving

tempusflitsJune 3, 2013

There are lots of gardening tasks I can handle, but saving seeds is not on that list. I found the seed pods for the bleeding hearts and columbines, but could I catch them at the right time to harvest? NO. I have better luck with the daisy-like summer flowers. But the things out there in the garden right now? Forget it.

Oh well, the seed packets aren't all that expensive.

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Maybe you need to use some of that very fine mesh fabric to warp around the seeds to caught them before they fall. Or if it is dry a small paper bag. The good thing about some seeds is they stay on the plants but others need to be caught as they open.

For me the fun is in learning how to save more seeds.

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Ah, I see. I thought if I were sharp about it, I'd catch the seeds at just the right moment. But the bagging method is the correct way to do this then, not just an option? That explains a great deal. I was attempting the impossible. I'll get down off my horse now and buy myself some fabric. Thank you!

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Now there are seeds that do not need this type attention as they never fall off the bloom some as long as the following spring before this happens.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Before you buy fabric, check out stores that carry wedding favors. They might have tulle bags already made with drawstring closures. That might save you some time and improve your odds of success.


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I just ordered and received 100 tulle/organza drawstring bags for tying around unripe seed pods to catch seeds and protect them from bugs and birds. I am going to take a trip to my good friend's house and put bags over as many Virginia Creeper faded blooms as possible. I want to cover my chain link fence and all of my tree trunks and brick walls with this plant, since it is native and won't ruin brick work or kill the trees it climbs.


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