Salvia chrysophylla

jimcrickJuly 24, 2013

A welcome addition to my collection is the Turkish Salvia chrysophylla:

A closer look at the flowers:

It has proved to be very hardy, coming through the last two winters with developing basal shoots remaining evergreen. I have not managed to root stem cuttings (probably did not keep them cool enough) but basal cuttings (especially of the Irish kind - i.e. with some roots attached) take reasonably easily. Seed is prolific and germinates well. The plant shown is actually self-sown which germinated in the spring of last year. I grow it in a fairly spartan scree bed of about 75% grit, 25% loam and of depth about 12".

After the first flush of flowering (lasting some 3 to 4 weeks in the recent hot weather which we have experienced in the UK), I have cut it back hard as shown above to get new growth and a hopefully a second show of flowers.


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Very nice!

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Nice one, Jim.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I'll check with Panayoti and Tony Avent if it is available in the USA.

Limestone slopes, grassy meadows, 1300 - 2250 meters

SW Anatolia: An isolated species but with some similarities to the NW Iranian S. sahendica Boiss. and Buhse and the Afghan S. rhytidea Bentham

In the taxonomic description, this sage is bracketed between S. sclarea and S. aethiopis. I grew S. rhyitideam some time ago, and it was somewhat wooly

Is the foliage at all wooly?

Here is a link that might be useful: Turkish reference to species

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I would not describe the leaves as wooly although very young leaves clearly have a noticeable level of hairs. The following pics show the leaves in more detail.

I must admit that descriptions of chrysophylla always give the lower lip of the flower as yellow but my plant is more like a dirty white! Also, the lip has a distinct brown edge (see the pic on Robin's site) which is there as soon as the flower opens. This, I would have thought, would be a distinct point of identification but it does not seem to get a mention. Couild it be that my plant not actually chrysophylla or is the species actually quite variable or is my plant a true breeding hybrid with some other salvia?

Jim Curry

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The rapid browning of the tip of the lower lip is also a feature of S. indica.

I wonder about the relationships within this group of Turkish-Iranian group of sages.

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