Will I be able to save seeds from this variety of pepper?

sherilou_2010(8)June 13, 2010

I purchased a Yummy Pepper plant this year from Bonnie Plants. Will I be able to save seeds from it to grow my own Yummy Pepper plants next year? Please see the link below. Thank you for your time!

Here is a link that might be useful: YUMMY PEPPER

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Hi Sherilou,
No, it is a hybrid. There will be variation in seeds saved. If you want to grow small sweet peppers that you can save seed from, there are a few other varieties that are not hybrid. There are 'Mini Bell' types. They come in various colors.

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Thanks remy! I will research the little heirloom peppers and maybe I'll find a few of them at the farmer's market this year to sample. Thanks again!

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