sans order here!

tootswisc(z4/5Wi)August 23, 2008

I ordered three wonderful sans from Grisby's

I potted them up in cactus mix with 20%perlite and 20%orchid mix.

I now have a baseball bat, bartell's sensation and mason's congo. I do have a couple of questions. The white parts on the shoots were underground, correct? Should I replant them deeply-so the light part in the shoots are buried. The mason's congo almost looked like it had a callux(sp?) Is it a rhizome. Should I cover this with dirt. Thanks. I am so happy with my new plants! Diane

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

Grigsby's is an excellent place to buy sansevieria, and they look great!. You can probably see where the soil line WAS when the plants were at Grigsbys, so try and plant them to the same depth. All these plants have underground rhizomes from which new leaves, or growths, appear. It looks like your Masoniana has 3 leaves now! Masoniana is normally a large leafed and large rhizome plant, so you might consider putting it in a larger pot at some time it you want to see it grow to its full potential. Your Bantel's Sensation is a trifasciata, and certainly a beautiful specimen. Grigsby's did you good!

Not sure if "callux" means 'callus'. A callus is just a place where a rhizome has been severed and the cut has dried up (a good thing). Yes, it needs to be buried.

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I think I meant caudex-a fat plant thing.I am growing sansevierias as a house plant in Wisconsin. I have always thought that I should keep them pot bond somewhat yet when I see pictures of wonderful specimens in large pots I wonder if I should change my practice a bit.

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