jessewo(5 PA)June 29, 2012

Because of our unusually mild winter, some of my collard plants survived. I left a few plants & went away for a couple weeks. When I got back they'd set seed pods so I decided to see what would happen. Yesterday I noticed that they were dry & rattling, so I cleaned the seed & have it drying on a tray. I've saved seed, but mostly flowers. I'd like to do more veggie seeds & figure this is a start! Anyway, if anyone out there has saved collards I'd appreciate any advice you might have! Thanks!

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Hi Jessew,
You've done just fine :) Let the seeds dry and then put in an envelope. The only concern with collards is they are in the Brassica family aka the Cabbage family. Plants in this group are highly susceptible to cross pollinating at quite a distance. So hopefully no other brassica family plants were blooming at the same time.

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