Sansevieria concinna (?) Odd Pups

plantomaniac08(8)August 26, 2013

My Mom ordered this Sans last year (I think from Bob Smoley's) and the tag that came with it said Sansevieria concinna.

#1, I'm not sure if this ID is correct (would you mind telling me what it is if it's not Sansevieria concinna?).

#2, I recently repotted it for my Mom and now it has two new pups. I am perplexed by the look of the pups, as one looks almost like a Sans trifasciata pup and well, the other one's purple! I guess it enjoyed being repotted, it's only been a matter of weeks since I repotted it!

I guess my post comes down to this: do the pups normally look this way and will they eventually develop that "spoon" look to them?

Picture of the whole plant with the two pups:

Picture of the pups:

I ended up asking my Mom if I could have it... never been much for the "spoon" looking Sans, but I thought I'd try something new. Thanks for looking and for your input!


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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

I would say the long petiole is diagnostic for concinna. I know of no other sans with them. I also believe there are at least three variations - mommy bear, papa bear and baby bear (my attempt at humor). Your's is Papa Bear. Unless you accidentally buried another rhizome in that magic soil, all pups will eventually bear a family resemblance.

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Haha, thanks for the humor (I did find it funny)! Also, thanks for the information. :) I am very intrigued by the variations in both pups in comparison to "Mama." Guess there is something magical about that soil... now only if it works as well on my other houseplants.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Guess where all those new fancy cultivars come from? Sans sprouting up new and different pups from their parents. You might have some thing special or maybe not. I just got that species and can't help much, but hey, it could happen to you. Keep us posted please.

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Long time no see (I haven't been on the Sans forum in a while)!

I will be sure to update this post when they get "older." That would be interesting, if something "new" became of the pups. We shall see!


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I have at least 250 different species, I have never seen one that looks like that, it is beautiful, and interesting, I wonder what Hermine would say about this one, the leaf stem is very different and I don't believe that S. concinna grows that large or that dark green or perhaps I am usiing the wrong soil.?? I would be very interested what she has to say about this plant. Thanks for posting the picture. By the way 'Lillian True' is that dark green with gold edges, but narrow like trifasiata? or thysiflora . Ask Hermine Stover about this one as welll she discovered the plant. Norma

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Not sure about the soil, I repotted it from the original soil it came in (I believe it's from Bob Smoley), and I can't remember what the soil looked like.

That's interesting that you haven't seen one like this before. in that case, you have me intrigued! We'll see what it does in the future, maybe the new growth will be different and we'll have something to... compare it to?


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I am glad I read your post because last week I noticed the same thing on mine.

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