lecorbeau(7b)June 29, 2005

I have a nice batch of shiny black columbine seed from my plants saved to winter sow next Feb. Now I'm wondering if they are good to sow. These columbines were mixed colors, and I've long since thrown out the packet. They would most probably be hybrids, right? What can I expect to get from the seed? Would it be 25% of each parent, and 50% of the hybrid? Or is that too simple?



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chrissy752001(z5 Chicago)

I'm not sure what you mean by not good to sow. If they are shiny black seeds they should grow wonderfully. While I don't know how they mix colors, I've never seen a color I didn't like grow in my garden. If you would like seeds that you are more sure of the colors, some others may only grow one color columbine and you could trade seeds with them.

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I think I'm just confused about how to label them. If I wanted to trade for instance, would I call them mixed colors, or would they revert to one color. Or should I just say they are columbines of unknown color? I don't want to tell people they're getting something they're not. I guess I've just answered my own question!

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chrissy752001(z5 Chicago)

OH! :) Just state that your flowers mixed colors that are open pollinated... or pollinated by nature :) I think most just take it for granted that the plants are open pollinated unless specified or requested otherwise. You could just put at the top of your seed trade page that all your flowers are pollinated that way if you like.

For mine (my list needs updated...actually all my stuff does LOL) would probably just put Columbine - mixed colors

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks, Chrissy!

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