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steelskies(5)June 6, 2013

If I collect seeds from the columbine that look like hybrids (bigger flowers, double, etc.) will they come back looking like the same plant. Or what would they come back as?

Sowing seeds: it says winter sow, OR sow after danger of frost? That seems contradictory. If I winter sow, the seeds will definitely be in the ground during frost.

Is there a chart somewhere of what seeds need the winter freezing conditions, and which ones don't.

I'm trying to save and replant poppies and having just about ZERO success. What am I doing wrong. What about winter sowing those?

One last questions (sorry): If I collect columbine seeds now, and plant them, will they sprout plants this summer season?

Sorry for all the questions.

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I have seen in Colorado where columbines have seeded themselves. But they turned out to be different colors from the parent plants. So being hybrids you probable will end up with many different colors. If the seeds are planted now you should end up with plants before your winter sets in. As to where you will get blooms this year that would depend a lot on climate as well as soil.

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Some seeds need a chilling period before they will germinate.

Spread the seeds of perennial plants when the seeds ripen. For columbines, that would be soon. The black seeds will fall out into your hand when you shake the seedpod.They will sprout this year or next year. It'll be a surprise. Scatter them around and they will grow where they are happy. You'll have many colors but after a few years, they will revert to the wild red/yellow colors. That's when you buy a packet of seeds and start over again! It's fun.

Yes, there are many charts. Do a search on gardenweb.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Columbine have better germination when the seeds are fresh. I would just open the seed pods when they turn brown and dry, and sprinkle them immediately where you want more plants. Try to keep those areas moist this summer and you should get a bunch of tiny sprouts. I've also heard that columbines are quite "promiscuous", meaning they will cross pollenate with any other columbines nearby. So, you can get lots of different combinations.

People say the best way to get poppies is to direct sow them in fall or early spring. I've never had much luck with them no matter what I try. Good luck to you.


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