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suburbangreen(8)June 13, 2007

I'm a first year gardener and want to save my seeds from my veggie garden. I've researched the basic process for saving tom seeds. And with Gweb and the internet I'm sure I can find the process for saving other veggie seeds.

What I want to know is---are there some seeds that might be sterile?

I planted my garden with basic storebought hybrid varities, like Juliet toms, bhn 444 toms and early prolific staightneck squash. Will these even have seeds? And if they do and I save them, will they produce next year?

Thanks for answering this basic question,


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Seed from Hybrid plants don't usually come true to the parent plant. If you want to save seed, I'd recommend buying non-hybrid seed. However sometimes it's fun to try the seed just to see what comes from them.

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