Salvia transsylvanica - multiple personalities?

ramazz(8a VA)July 4, 2007

I posted pictures of these plants before and both were identified as salvia transsylvanica. The flowers and the leaves are pretty much the same, but one is upright and one sprawls. I only have one of the upright variety (which I think is nicer) and way too many of the sprawling ones. Are they the same plant and can I train the sprawling ones to grow upright? Or are they different?

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Betsy Clebsch describes it as lax and reports that "it almost crawls along the ground." From the pic in her book, it appears that that some stems may remain upright (center stem), but the 2 on either side are obviously leaning, or lax.

I think your upright one might indeed be the exception to the rule.


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ramazz(8a VA)


Thank you! I don't have Betsy's book, but I have looked at it (I work in a library and got it through interlibrary loan). So this is why I thought that the upright plant was actually a different salvia. I have several of the sprawling transsylvanicas and so far only one upright one in bloom. But I have several plants that are getting ready to bloom and the foliage looks similar. I planted a lot of perennial salvias and don't know which ones will bloom the first year and which will not. But I did not plant that many transsylvanicas, unless some of the seeds were mislabeled.

Any thoughts on what the upright one could be if it is not transsylvanica?


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