Dainthus: deltoides and gratianopolitanus (Cheddar)

deanna_in_nh(5a/4b)June 20, 2010

I want to save seeds from my Maiden Pinks (D. deltoides) and Bath's (Cheddar) pinks (D. gratianopolitanus). The only seed info I've found on the web is for the carnation dianthus, which says the seed is a small disk. The seed pod looks similar to what mine are turning out to be, but today I went out to investigate and am confused. I know my seeds aren't ripe yet, though the pods are getting very brown, but I thought I could open a few immature pods to see where the seeds are and thus be prepared for when they are dry. I'm not finding much to help me at all. The Cheddar's seemed to have no seeds in them. I found one that might have had a tiny collection of seeds at the bottom on the pod, but I couldn't be sure.

Can someone help me identify the seeds on these non-carnation dianthus? I would think that as brown as the pods were I would have seen something to hep me. How big are they? Where will they be in the pod?

Thank you!

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Hi Deanna,
The seed is little dark chips. They really don't look like seeds. Once the seed pods open, you should be able to shake out the dark chippy things.
Now, I do have a dianthus that makes seed pods and does not set seed. Not sure why, so it is possible to get seed pods without any viable seed. I think you should have no problem though.

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Thanks again, Remy. You're always so faithful! I'll wait for the seeds pods to open on their own. Hopefully they will set some good seed. Considering all the butterflies and bees I saw on them I KNOW they got pollinated!

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You're welcome : )

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