coreopsis deadheading and self sow seeding

parissianJune 6, 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and found it great help. I have additional questions, though.

I have approx. 50 Jethro Tull coreopsis. Many places say that these coreopsis self sow but bloom is extended if deadheaded..

so here's my question;

1. I've been taking shears and cutting off the "dead" blooms but I leave them on the ground..not picking them up...will it allow for "self-sowing"?

The reason why i just leave it is becasue there's just so many plants and blooms to go around picking up the dead blooms on the bed.

2. If it does'st allow for self-sowing, how do it get the plants to self-sow for next i just leave the dead blooms on throughout the winter and they'll just self seed and multiple themselves in the spring? I would believe it looks "ugly" or deers will eat the vegetation anywayin the

Thanks so much

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im not a huge fan of just allowing the plant to reseed, only in areas to large to worry about. REally if you have a flower bed that you think looks ugle when they dead head, just allow one plant to dead head. One whole plant should be plenty of seed to replace your the complete bed. You will know when the seeds are ready, they will start to fall out,(couple weeks after the flower dries up) but if you cant tell, or dont have time to check, once it gets close meaning the flowers have dried up, cut a small slit in a paper bag and put it over the plant, so it goes over the plant, but just straight up, dont close it over it, when the seeds are ready they will fall in the paper bag, then you can plant them in the fall were you want them to come up in the spring

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