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benflowerJune 25, 2009

Hello, I have never planted anything from seed. I have an oenothera triloba (I think). It's the flower that looks like a weed, but flowers only once, at dusk, and opens before your eyes. The small plant that I have now has what looks like seed pods at the base of the plant. It is in a small pot. I would like to save the seeds to make another plant. I would appreciate any help as to when to break the pods off, how to store, and when and how to replant. I am in the Sandhills of NC-- Zone 7.


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I was waiting to see if Remy was going to chime in. Now I am worried about being an answer hog lol.

Anywho, the pod will need to be on the plant till it turns brown and starts to open. When you notice the pod about to burst open you will know the seeds are ripe. What I do is place something under or around the pod so that when I clip it off the plant I dont lose all my seeds. I then bring it inside and put it on a paper plate I leave it alone for a few days then I may go and try to open up the pod and release the seed. I then leave it out a few more days just to make sure its completely dry.

As long as the seed is dry you can store it all kinds of ways. Some use containers, paper bags, envelopes, or baggies. The best place to store them is in a cool dark spot.

For replanting them depends on when you want them, you may consider winter sowing them, or even starting them in the spring that part is up to you. And yes your seeds will still be good from this year till you decide to sow them next year.

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Thanks for your response. I will keep a close watch on the pods. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with "winter sowing"-- I was thinking more of putting the seeds in a pot. I guess sowing, sounds like scattering the seeds in the soil outside this winter and waiting for them to come up in spring. I am afraid of losing them and would rather put the seed in pots. Should I do this in the spring? thanks-- sorry for being such a dummy.

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Hi Ben,
Winter sowing is a method of sowing in covered(with ventilation) containers over the winter. It is the best way to start perennials in my opinion(and I prefer 2 liter pop bottles.) There's a whole forum dedicated to it. When on the main list of forums page scroll down to the bottom and check it out.

Lol, about being a hog. I was having technical difficulties and could not get on the forums so I'm glad you answered : )

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