Heres a question for seed savers.

countrycarolyn(6-7nwTN)June 15, 2009

What steps do you take to reduce chaff in your seeds??

I have been using a technique that was just brought on by common sense usually about a week process. I would like to hear from others though how they reduce chaff. I know there has to be an easier way that I am just totally missing. Thanks for any suggestions!! Carolyn

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Well I posted this question on the winter sowing forum since there were no answers here, so heres the link for anyone else that would like to know.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to reduce Chaff??

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Hi Carolyn,
I'm glad you got answers! I was hoping you might get a couple here, but most people stopping by this forum are ones in need of advice not chatters. There are a lot of great chatters over on the WSing forum : )
I do check here often to help answer when I can since not too many people do stop by. Though I like helping people, I hate to be a answering hog, lol.

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Well you would of been alright to answer that I was trying to be proper by posting it here. I like your answers, I always have to read what you put down, I have learned alot from the answers you give to me and to others.

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