Light Green Mache Seeds?

aubadeJune 1, 2010

I saved these seeds from two mache plants I grew over the winter. They look a lot more green than the ones I bought in the original seed packet, but, they totally fell right off the plant so I couldn't have waited any longer to collect them.

I ended up leaving them outside for a day since there were some tiny bugs that fell off the plant with them. The next day the bugs were gone, and the seeds had all turned beige in the sun so I brought them inside.

Has anyone collected them before, and if so, do you think these seeds will be good?

Here's a pic when I first collected them, before they browned the next day:

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Hi Aubade,
I've not collected them before, but I'll answer best I can. There are a few plants that make seeds that are ripe and green. Peas are a good example. So it is quite possible they come from the plant that way and are good. The color green does fade with time so purchased seed could be fairly devoid of green even though they came off the plant that way.
I realize bugs that were hanging out needed to go, but having them in the sun though is not good. A spot protected from the sun would of been better. It may not of killed them, but it certainly can shorten their viability.
To check to see if they are actually good, a simple paper towel germination test is all that is needed.

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