Have you heard of the new sport 'Becky'?

brodyjames_gwAugust 6, 2010

I saw this sans at Home Depot months ago and thought it was a regular S. t. Laurentii with some weird markings on it's leaves, but I didn't buy it. On July 31st, I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens where the local C&S club was having a show and sale. I noticed very similar plants for sale ($6 or $8, I can't remember)and asked the seller about them (they were all labeled "Sans. Beckyi"). The seller told me that her husband had hit as many Home Depots in northeastern IL as he could and bought every last plant he could find. I went back to my Home Depot and found the plant still there, so I purchased it for $4.99. I looked online a bit and found that Bob Smoley "discovered" this sport and named it after his daughter. There were at least a couple of people who have posted their plant collections online and have this one included.

So, what does everyone think? Have you heard of this one?


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I sure have, but I like the species that are variegated. Norma

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FANTASTIC plant there......but I don't think that is the same as 'Becky', which I thought just has a single extra yellow stripe in the center of the leaf, as well as the yellow edge. I am not sure what you have, but I absolutely LOVE it!!

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I love that, too and for sure, I have never seen anything like that in the big box stores around here.


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Good find, it's pretty! Can't help you with an ID, I'm sorry!

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I have many variegated plants that look like it, it is not outstaning or differrent enough for me to add to my collection. I perfer speices. On variegated plants each leavf can be different, and often they are not stable yet and may refer back, so I'm not interested in them anymore. I am not a snob, it just that has been my experiences. Norma

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It looks more like S. 'Gold Flame'. S. 'Becky' will have one vertical stripe of silver/gray near the middle of the leaf.


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Michaela(z6+ TN)

The picture posted here by Nancy in the first message is 'Gold Flame' as others have suggested. G.F. is a beautiful Sansevieria Futura and has been seen this summer at various big box stores around the country (but, alas, not in east Tennessee).
I am posting a picture here of the variety named S. trifasciata L. 'Becky'for comparison. Its origin is from Bob Smoley as Nancy said.
Norma, you said you "like species that are variegated", and then later on said, "...they are not stable... so I'm not interested in them anymore". That's too bad because the beauty of 'Becky' is the fact that its claim to fame is that every leaf is different, and as a Laurentii, it will only RARELY revert to the wild type. It is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!
Interestingly, I just checked Smoley's website and did not see this variety listed. I thought that strange; maybe I missed it.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I think there are too many names for almost the same thing.
Like the one above, looks more like a gold flame. Mine are mostly variegated on the inside of the leaf. I have one almost all yellow inside and normal green w/yellow edges on the outside. I did seen one called 'Futura variegated' I did like that one. I wonder what it will turn into in about 10 years down the road.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

'Futura Variegated' is one of the most beautiful of the variegated Futuras. The leaves are wide and highly variegated. As a mericlinal variegate, the variegation patterns are different on both leaf sides. The Variegated Futura often throws pups that do not look like the parent and can range from largely yellow (called Futura 'Aurea'), to reversion to all green.

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Michaela- Great pic and that is my favorite Futura. I like the variablility. I also like 'Wagner's Gold' for a taller plant with variability. There is supposed to be a 'hahni' type out there with simlar variegation to that Futura but I have yet to locate it (I think Hermine has photos of it in her book).

Michaela, that 'Becky' is not from Bob Smoley is it?? I don't think your plant is 'Becky' (though I think your plant is more beautiful than 'Becky'!). 'Becky' just has an extra, somewhat variable stripe down the center of each leaf. I have a small 'Becky'.......the original plant had root mealies (YUCK!!!!!) and this is all I have left, cleaned up.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

Hi 'Wood', The plant whose picture I posted of 'Becky' came from Carl Drebilbis, Houston, TX. I got it maybe 4 years ago. I understood then that its primary description was that all leaves had different variegation. I don't know anything about your statement that it "has a somewhat variable stripe down the center of each leaf". However, if the stripe is variable I take it that each leaf is different and we are saying the same thing. Hah! Are you by chance jonesing for a piece of my Becky? One more picture posted here of 'Becky'. It is not a Futura and in no way could be mistaken for 'Gold Flame'.

Yes, there is an equivalent variegation pattern for all three of the Sans types - normal/tall, Futura/medium, and Hahnii/dwarf. Wagners Gold (normal size) is the equivalent for Futura variegated. I don't know if a STABLE equivalent hahnii has shown up. Golden Hahnii sometimes puts out pups with more green and deeper yellows than usual and these might be considered equivalent.

I heard Juan C. is working on a revision of his Trifasciata book. Maybe he will tell more.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

Picture mentioned in previous post didn't make it in so I'll try again here. This is a full shot of 'Becky'.

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LOL! My fault. YOu are correct. I am looking at your pic again and I see the pattern. At first it looked "too random" but I see that it has the gold egdge, and yes, extra stripe(s) down the center of each leaf. Carl D is certainly reputable too! Yours is really doing well for you!!! I am looking for an UNSTABLE hahni much like your futura...........I like to have a surprise with each new pup!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Thank you Michaela for the information and beautiful pictures. I don't have a Futura Variegate just the picture from Michael Phillips flickr photo. He also showed a nice yellow form of hahnii. S.-t.-hahnii-Streaker-with-solid-gold-B. Very nice to have if anyone can find shuch a thing.
Link below;
BTW Has anyone heard of this guy. He's in the Int. Sans. club. He really has a beautiful collection. If so, tell him 'Thank you for sharing'.

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Hi Stush! He has his e-mail posted on flickr... If you're interested in any of his plants I'd send him an e-mail. He may be able to sell you one or tell you where he got his.

Here is his e-mail micheal.phillips8@btinternet.com

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Bob Smoley has a listing for Becky. There are a couple of pictures, but no prices shown. I think you have to join his club to buy on this page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Club

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Stush, If you decide to purchase from him or any place overseas you may need a phyto certificate... Sellers usually can provide one.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Just too pricey for me. I can wait and see what turns up around here. It may be a few years back but I can wait.

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hermine(S. CA)

And this is why one must NEVER pass up an opportunity to examine plants for sale no matter how humble the seller. Home Depot is good because they buy in such huge quantities. I spent YEARS looking for S trifasciata laurentii with MORE than normal striping, and was never really very successful personally until I met Lilian True. She really broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I have a very lovely leaf on my Sans. tri. Laurentii. Only one. The rest of the gang is normal. Nothing I can do. Just enjoy and hope a pup comes out like it.

This plant is very old. (30-40yrs.) That leaf has more yellow than green and is the same on both sides.

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