Raising species tulips from seed?

steve22802(7a VA)June 5, 2006

Hi all,

I just collected a bunch of seed from my two clumps of Tulipa clusiana and I'd like to try raising a whole bunch of these from seed. Does anyone know any details about the process or can you point me to a web site with info? Like, do they need cold stratification? Do they need light for germination? How long should it take before the seeds germinate? How long to flower?

Thanks for any help,


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magus(8a BC)

The instructions I have from the seed packets I bought were to give them a cold period (I don't think a prior warm period is needed), then slowly raise the temperature after about three months of cold (alas I haven't had time to start those seeds yet). A quick increase in temperature seems to be harmful. I don't remember a light requirement at all. If I remember correctly, they will start germinating in the cold (roots only), but you will not see leaves until they move into warmth. They will flower in about three or four years. There are instructions here and there on the web, but I can't remember where they are, and my hard drive with the links had died. :( Sorry about that, but I hope this helps.

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