Arid Lands unboxing photos

eaksqueak(PA 6a)August 19, 2013

They're here! I placed my order on Thursday evening, they shipped it the next day, and it arrived today (Monday). Pretty cool. I had to laugh at all the sand in the box. Well, it did come from Arizona.

This is what I ordered. In each case I ordered the smallest size they had available:

Euphorbia obesa 3-inch pot (I could not resist its roundness)
Sansevieria concinna (Lav 5933) one-gallon pot
Sansevieria francisii (FKH 432) 4-inch pot
Sansevieria masoniana one-gallon pot
Sansevieria pearsonii 5-inch pot
Sansevieria pinguicula half-gallon pot

It looks like they sent me a potato with my S. masoniana. Yum.

This is where it started to get scary for me.

The roots are all connected. It's like one of those knot puzzles except without a solution.

Except to use a knife. So yeah, I think I have enough pots of this stuff now.

I'm tired.

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Congratulations! Nice additions to your collection. And I see a bloom and some pups too.

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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

Thanks. I will have to enjoy that flower while it lasts. That plant won't be doing that again in this house. I believe there may be a slight difference in the environment inside a townhome in eastern PA and a greenhouse in Tucson Arizona... although the temperature might be about the same right now.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Very nice indeed. You got some collection. How nice after potted up. I would love to see how they grew one year from now. Please keep posting.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Great and awesome haul. I think I also noticed a few nicely printed labels - probably made by a Brother Label Maker. I have a PT 2700 and love it, even though it takes a few minutes to set up. The labels seem to last forever.

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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)

Congrats! very nice addition. Love that Sansevieria francisii. Thanks for sharing :)


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Better build an addition on your house for the masoniana LOL! Great looking plants you got.

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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

Stush, a year is a long time. My house might reach its snake plant critical mass and explode by then.

Solar, yeah the labels they included are nice. And I'm glad they sent them because I would have had to look up all the plants again otherwise.

Bougainvillea, I like that one, too. I hope the pup grows for me.

Woodnative, why? Is masoniana like the Burmese Python of snake plants? Like it's all small and cute when you buy it, but next thing you know it's 14 feet long and eating the children? If so, I look forward to seeing this.

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Nice plants. I would be interested to see some photos of how they are growing now.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great additions!


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Been dying to make a purchase from them for awhile now, the new Sans they have there are very cool, though very expensive! Still, thanks for the photos, you've got a nice collection there, hope to see some updates as they grow and perhaps some pics of your other Sans as well! Just curious, what soil mix did you use to pot the Sans, how often do you water, and what do you use to fertilize with and how regularly?

    Bookmark   May 2, 2014 at 11:11AM
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