saving seeds from garden plants

cassie_mJune 20, 2012

So, I was wondering about the do's and don'ts of collecting seeds from vegable and fruit plants. I know that plants from of the same type can can cross (like different types of tomatoes for example) but from my understanding so can some plants that don't seem related. How far apart do plants need to be to get "pure" seeds from them. I would love to collect some of my seeds from my flowers and garden plants to use for next year and for trading but don't want a bunch of mixed up stuff. Please help me figure this all out. Thanks!

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I dont really save vegetable seeds very often, since you never know what you will get next year, but I recomend taking cuttings(such as tomatoes) or small plants inside for the winter if you can? If you have only one variety of the plant then you might get pure seeds, but you never know if your neighbors are growing another variety of that veggy too. I cant remember the exact safe distance but I think its too far unless you have more property. I'm sure you can look it up somewhere, since I see this a lot on saving seed articles. My recomendation is just to try to research the types of plants which you can take cuttings from, and then the rest just buy more seeds. But I love saving my own seeds too! Even cheap things like pansies. Other people I know are like why dont you just buy seeds? I guess its the "experience"?

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this is the best open-source seed saving guide out there:

tomatoes, lettuce, beans & peas (and many flowers) are mostly self-pollinating, and will not readily cross...especially if there's a bit of space between different varieties of the same species. everything else (veggies) typically will cross in a garden context � assuming they're the same species. some species can be hand-pollinated, or the flowers isolated (bagging).

there's a lot of info out there in this subject. my advice would be to do a lot of reading, and to also not be afraid of crosses! maybe you'll accidentally breed a wonderful new variety!


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Thank you WinstonL. I will give that website a try and see what I can get out of it. It is nice to know that tomatoes will not mix and I can easily save the seeds. I have a lot of neat varieties so it will be great to save the seeds.

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