Sick Sans. need help

plant_junkie(6)August 17, 2010

I bought three pots of not so hot looking sans for 3 bucks. They were rotting in places, I figured a good trim off the rotten stuff and they would spring back. Annd now they look like this. I pulled them out shook out the dirt, cut off the pups, let them sit for out for two days then re-potted. I re-potted with a mix consisting of cherry grit, quartz, peat and fir bark. they amounts of each arent exact but it was loose enough to crumble after being compressed (while wet).

Is this a losing battle or is this a common problem and can be handled? Any help and advice is much appreciated.

Thank you


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Let me try and explain this and it may help you, I grow plants in hot green house, if I add humidity they rot.
I have hardly any humidity where I live because it is semi-arid in the San Fernando valley we are hot here going to often 105F Many of these came origionlly from desert bushland in Eastern Africa, some from the mist of Victory Falls, a few from the Republic of Congo, 3 from India, and several from the sides of Rocky mountain sides, and a few like to live next to small streams, one came from ancient coral beds, so you have to which ones you are growing. Do you what you have? I am guessing it is a trifasciata, thyrsiflora, which will take a little more water, the ones with the thin leaves will tell you the difference if a plant needs more water then the others or not.

SOIL: Fast draining, no peat moss, no fir bark.
GROWING: Cut the leaves off,leave about 3" and wash what is left with soapy water, with alcohol added. Repot immediately in clean soil, let them sit in open shade with lots of air flow. Air Circulation is the most important right now. The rhyizomes will grow back from the nodes, you will know when you see new growth, do not water until you do. Now I have had experience with this big time. Make sure the soil is good. Crowd them into the smallest pot they will fit into, they have to hit the sides or bottom before you see the new growth. Do not try and forse them. Use some judgement here, it's hard for me to explain when I do it just naturally. I start them also from just a leaf using the bottom or leaf sheath, 3 leaves to 1 rose pot. stiff leaves make three small cutting from the bottom, or tiny leaf plants just peel them off. I'm tired now my hands hurt so i will not proof this. Questions just email me, I think it's on my page. What is Cherry Grit. SOIL MORE: use any gravel from rocks that you can find. Use construction coarse gravel or sand. Gravel that is used for walk ways or roofs. No beach gravel and please always tell us where you live when asking a question. I may need to change my whole response when I find out. If covered by a roof,patio, they may be grown outside in the summer. Move the pots up as the plants grow. Sorry my thoughts are not orgainized but I am typing as fast as I think. And please of the rest of you copy this off and keep it i don't want to go through this again. Norma

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I am just paying a house call. How are your San. doiing it will take a while to recover just cut out the ugly leaves do not water from the top and give them tepid water during the winter. Don't let them sit in water, about 1/4" when that is gone don't water again, unless you see the leaves starting to wrinkle. If they die do not toss out the plant, it will grow again in the Spring when it warms up. The rhizomes hold water for at least 6 months. If you can find a spot in the house with temps. no lower then 55F and some air circulation that will help them regrow faster. They don't like a draft. If you grow them with a heater that may be a cause of most of your problems, direct heat won't work very well, make sure there is a fan to make the air circulate around the plant, and if you can under the plant holding it up with shelves from a stove. or on top of two bricks spaced apart. We had some pretty cold weather for them to tolerate but I do have many growing out side under a bench and against a north facing wall. Over head is protected with 2 ply commerical hard nursery plastic. One plant I wrapped large bubble wrap around the whole plant, if I know it is not going to rain I will use newspaper wrapped around them. These are some hints that you may be able to apply. Norma

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