Collectiing seeds Can I plant them right away?

mary_maxJune 11, 2006

Today I collected some gaillardia tokajer seeds. Can I go ahead and plant them right away, or do they need to sit for a week or so. They seem pretty dried up. Thanks

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you shoulkd let them sit out and dry if they are wet. If not wet u can put them away

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Amino_X(z7b AR)

I'm not familiar with the variety, but some seeds, such as alpine strawberry, need cold treatement to be viable.

If you can't find any information on the internet you can experiment. Divide some of your seeds into 3 piles.

Plant pile 1 right away nd see if they germinate,

THOUROUGHLY dry piles 2 and 3.

Put pile 2 in the freezer and put pile 3 in the refrigerator, then after about 2 or 3 weeks take them out of the fridge and freezer, let them sit on the counter overnight to bring them back up to room temperature, plant them and see what germinates.

WARNING! - Be sure to dry them very well before cold treating!!

Make sure the moisture content is as close to zero as possible before putting seed in the freezer or you'll destroy them!

Best Wishes

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Plant them. This is a good time to summer sow using the winter sowing methods. I have grown gaillardia that way and they germinate just beautifully!

Remember, if the plant is releasing the seeds, ma nature is planting. If she's planting, why can't you? Once you have sprouts, I would consider transplanting them to 4 inch pots and then planting your plants out when it's overcast. Gaillardia love dry heat, but they need to be watered in and watched for the first few weeks.

Have fun!

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Well I sowed the seeds and they sprouted. I have now planted them out in the garden and hopefully they will do their thing real soon. This is so cool!! Thanks for all the great advice.

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