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jekeesl (south-central Arkansas)(7b)July 16, 2012

I found a small colony of these plants in a shaded area lining a golf course. They are 6-12 inches tall, with mostly basal leaves plus a few bract-like leaves under the inflorescences. The flowers are in whorls around the stems and are white, each in tubular form and with 5 petals. The second photo is from the bottom side of a flower. These look a lot like Salvia lyrata, but those are usually done blooming here by early June. Ours also have pale lavender flowers that are much longer than those shown below, and the lyrate leaves that support the plant's name. Is this some kind of stunted, late-season S. lyrata specimen, or something else? All of the plants in that colony had the same appearance.

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Looks like Salvia lyrata I see this in is in Lousiana
quite a bit. Your flowers have not opened all the way.
It also has dark veins in the leaf early in spring?

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jekeesl (south-central Arkansas)(7b)

Thanks hybridsage. I think that you're right. We do get S. lyrata in the spring. But these didn't have lyrate leaves, so I wanted to check other options.

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