Uhhh ok Am I thinking right??

countrycarolyn(6-7nwTN)June 11, 2009

I was doing some reading on a huckleberry, I got to the part about pollination. Many big words for country girl.

"The box huckleberry is self-sterile. When cross-pollinated within the clone, only nonviable seed is produced. Viable seed develop only if pollen is transferred from the anthers of one clone to the stigma of another (Adams 1949)."

Ok does that mean at least 2 plants are needed in order to produce viable seed. Thats what I am thinking at least. Remy I know your out there your a smart person how do you read that?? Or anyone whats yas interpertation. Heres the link to where I read this. Thanks for any guesses!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Huckleberry

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Thanks for saying I'm smart. My husband would argue what an idiot I am though, LOL!

First off for anyone one else reading this. There are three kinds of Huckleberries, the ones mentioned above of the genus Gaylussacia, the blueberry kind of the genus Vaccinium, and the annual kind that are related to tomatoes of the Solanum genus. So it is confusing!

Secondly, you are pretty much correct. You do need two plants, but they need to be different varieties. It is like apples. When you grow apples, you need two varieties grown within a certain distance of each other. So you can't grow 2 Macintosh apple trees to get fruit. You need to grow a Macintosh and lets say a Cortland or some variety that blooms at about the same time so they will cross pollinate.
Box Huckleberries seem to be the same way.
I hope that made sense : )

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Yeppers that made perfect sense. Good deal lucile, now I am off to find another huckleberry lol. Ebay has ruined me, geez!!!

Thankyou by the way Remy, I knew if anyone could interprupt that it would be you. Thanks, Carolyn

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