S. hallii flowering

hermine(S. CA)August 25, 2012

My camera is croaking and this is not a good picture, but it is part of a series I took almost daily as the plant was in flower. Apologies for quality of photo.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

I love sans flowers, especially capitate racemes like this. It looks like the inflorescence stem is pretty short on hallii - maybe 3-5 inches. Do you find this is a particularly slow growing species?

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hermine(S. CA)

Slow growing is not the words for it! it took 20 years to get to be from a tiny plant pictured in my book to this thing which is on page 55 center bottom, which is in like a 2 and 1/2" pot in 1982. So I would say it is HORRIBLY SLOW! By the way this book is free, you can download it from here and print it out....http://www.scribd.com/doc/50450293/Stover-Hermine-The-Sansevieria-Book
and you can just print it out for free. Names in it have been changed since then. Will continue to change.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I finally get to say hello and a very big thank you. You have helped me so much I can say I love you. I just enjoyed your book. I know it is outdated but for most of us getting started it is right on target. I have got to know many of your friends here and they are just wonderful also.
Nice sans BTW. I know little about them mine are mostly trifasciata, but learning every day. I know seeds are a life time project so I am not concerning myself with seeds. I hope some young people here can get some and start out the process.
Your biggest fan,

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hermine(S. CA)

Thanks for kind words. My Book was out of date the minute it hit the streets, and it quoted sources which although quite old, were themselves outdated. Such is the history of all taxonomy, or so it seems. No sooner is the ink dry, the work is out of date. I would not give up on seeds! Indeed not. But then again I am still planting Palm seeds, which can take well over a year to germinate and are not exactly speed demons after germination. And I would NEVER give up on trifasciata, a plant which never fails to delight me with its countless variants. Promise yourself you will never walk past them in the shop without looking through them for that special ONE. You never know!

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

The thing I found interesting in Hermine's picture is that there appears to be no stalk on the flower head. It looks like the flowers are emerging from the soil line! Cool.

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The flowers on each species, all of the bat varieties, will be slightly different. Some actually sit on the soil, others 4"-to 8" stems I wish I wrote this down, I just didn't think it was important at the time. These are things the professionals don't tell us. Hermine's student. Her book is terrific, most of the names are the same especailly on all old species. Norma Lewis. I just found out that S. stuckyi will also be that way. My camera is fixed, I'll send it to Hermine and she will post it for me I hope. Norma Lewis

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