Tomato Seeds

cdg-txJune 3, 2006

When saving tomato seeds is there any advantage to saving seeds from the first ripe tomato on a plant as opposed to later tomatoes on that plant (I only have one plant of each variety)Or, is it better to save seeds from later tomatoes on the plant??? THANKS


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

As a rule, when saving seed, you generally do so from the first fruits to mature. This way you are selecting for the earliest. In my experience, those are also the strongest seeds; some of my later tomatoes last year had seed so small as to be non-viable. Seed harvested earlier from the same plants was much larger, and when germination tested, had a much higher germination rate.

Also, if you (or your neighbor) are growing several different tomatoes & you wish to save seed, there is a chance bees will cross-pollinate them. Bagging the first set of blossoms on each plant (before they open) with a light, breathable material (such as floating row cover) will ensure seed purity.

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Thanks , just what I needed.

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