Will the real San. Mason Congo please stand up?

RainforestGuyAugust 12, 2011

As mentioned previously, S. Mason Congo is a mono-phyllic species with a single leaf as an entire plant.

This plant can get even taller and fatter with more fertilizing and watering. These can get bigger if planted in the ground.

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Yes, they get bigger if they're fed and positive fan-like in the ground.

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Jeff you're right on. I have four different leaf forms, they are all 'Masoniana' at this time unless they changed the name again, one came from Hawaii. He brought it back for me. it has a creased leaf. One has green leaves, one is variegated and one came from Africa directly via the HBG. Jeff remember the problems we had over a Kalanchoe, because there were so many forms, and hybrids, big leaves, small leaves, bearded leaf, same problem. Same plant but diffent forms, may have been hybrids, or selections. They also grow differently from different locations, soils, water availability. shaded by a tree, differnt dna from the parents each seed grown may be different but we dont give them a different name. They are still S. masoniana. I am trying to explain this very carefully not for you Jeff but for the members who don't know any better yet and I don't want them getting incorrect information. If they are different the flowers will be different as well, your plant that I refused to give a name, could well be a S. masoniana it has the spots. I have one no spots on the variegated one, but the new leaf is green it may have spots I must look today if I remember. Sorry for such a long message, I am an expert but a student of the species, and I research before I write anything here. I also site my resource. Jeff are you allowed to receive a non-cites plant with no roots? Norma

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I am NOT an expert, left out the right word sorry forum. Norma

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All of my S. masoniana have three leaves to a growth, all are documented plants, I have a few more but they are not documented, so I will give these to my club for the raffle table. I will not destroy a plant, my extra plants I save for the Abby rescue group, they sell the plants and it goes for adoptions, and doctor bills/ for their meds so they can be adopted. I love doing this the plants then have a purpose. Norma

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My stuckii haa single leaf per growth. They are cousins to the cylindrica group, but very stout, they will never lay down their leave, leaves are approximatly 5 ft tall at this time and only three to the very large pot I have them in. It roots down very rapidly starting with only nubs, it did not flower this year. Norma

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