Goldylocks(z7 MDsuburbDC)June 17, 2005

I have a little cherry tree with nice tart fruits. This is the first year I have grown things from seeds. I used the winter sowing method and got awesome results. Consequently I am now eyeing everything growing in my yard and wondering if its seeds could be saved and grown too. Today, I was munching some cherries off the tree when I looked down at the pits and started to wonder......

I don't know exactly what sort of cherry tree it is or if it is some sort of graft or whatever. Would the pits grow into a another nice little cherry tree? If so, how should I handle/store/plant them?


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I scarify mine after I eat them & bury them in the ground. They can take a long time to germinate  up to a year. They will need stratification, but I let the winter stratify mine. They can take up to a year to germinate, & are supposed to be better from cuttings.

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I've had mine planted for 3 months now, and zippo. Maybe in spring they will sprout. Hopefully they were not x-rayed because I bought them at the store. Sometimes ag authorities x-ray/UV the fruit so no harmfullness enters the country.

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