S. Forescate, who grows this?

RainforestGuyAugust 12, 2011

This is a slow grower than the other Slipped Stripes form. But a well grown plant is always eye-catching.

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Ah, you mean Sansevieria trifasciata 'Forescate' - nope, don't have it. To me it's uninteresting, but for others who like this sort of Sans, I reckon it's desirable.

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I wreckin it's a pattern of opposites. There are several other patterned varieties that possess this unique reverse pattern. Those that do are slower growers and in an environment that doesn't have to compete with other more aggressive varieties in the same pot, they do wonders!

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I grow this but I am in temperate NJ and don't really have a good place for Sans in the winter. The first winter I kept it in a warm room at work, under lights and it did great. Last winter I had it at home which was cooler and darker and I lost part of it. In summer it grows as easily as the other Sans but seems less forgiving of less than ideal growing environment like many strongly variegated plant. When well grown it is a beauty!!

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I have grown this plant for years. ex Juan Chahuinian. Mine doesn't look anything like your picure.

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I don't grow that one, but I like it.

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So these Sans trifasciata and their kin (like RFG's S. t. 'Forescate') must flower, but when? As long as I've ever seen them, in the thousands of offices, cafes, restaurants and homes where many of them are (read: everywhere), I've never, ever seen them flower.

It couldn't be that they're so successful vegetatively that they never flower because they don't need to? I seem to remember a Euphorbia that has those qualities - something that's been in the nursery trade for a long time and no one has ever seen it flower.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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cactusmcharris- IF they are well grown they will in fact flower on a mature section. Each piece will only flower once but then continue to produce offsets afterwwards. I think a lot of the plants you see are "barely getting by" in starved soil or dark businesses and these will continue to exist, maybe even slowly grow, but not flower.

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Most people grow sansevierias for their leaves and most of the flowers of most of the species look pretty much the same.
The forescate is a slower grower (a bonus for those who like to keep their plants from over running the pots.
This plant has produced many variations very different from other laurentii forms.

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I've grown 250 of the for ISI. They were all started from only one plant the care takers killed off the first batch, so I had to start over so we could offer them for sale. They were grown in an outdoor whoop house no heater but good air circulation and fast draining mix.We had a very mild winter that year. Norma

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Those are so nice RainforestGuy!

Thanks for the pics. I have a couple planted in the ground that will require by bringing in very soon. One all yellow. I wish I knew what is was.


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'Forscate' is a very handsome plant, I don't of know others that has this reverse coloring, if you know of any please I would like to know so to complete my collection, 'Forscate' was a sport and not artifically created. Sanseverier only flower at night over seveal nights, and the flowers are different if you look at them to see the difference, some are highly perfumed so I must leave them outside, Jeff in order for them to flower they need sun. Some must be mature, and crowded in a pot, and I have one that flowered with out any leaves showing and won a 2 place in a large show. I almost choked when I saw the ribbon go down. (S. conspicua)she only deserved a honorable mention. I have been collecting San. since about 25+ years and I'm still learing, by the way on Ebay most are incorrectly named. So be vary careful when buying them, For beginners do not buy from outside of the U.S. until you get experience. I just received a lovely variegated plant recently, there are very few honest sellers so be very, very careful. Norma

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