Lantana Tangerine

meriannaJune 28, 2006

I have a large, thriving shrub of this and I would like to harvest the seed for trading. I read that lantana produce berries which dry and leave the seed. Mine has flowers that are faded but no sign of berries. It is perennial for me and flowers over the entire summer. I don't remember seeing berries before but maybe just don't remember it.

Does anyone have any experience with this variety?


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Not sure about this variety, but many types set blackish berries. Lantanas are somewhat easy to propagate from cuttings. Remember, you can mail cuttings - just cut off the branches so they are pencil shaped and then wrap a few in a ziplocked bag. A guy in CA sent me a bunch of fig cuttings in a freezer-sized ziplocked bag with a damp paper towel in it. They are rooted ! He sent it third class mail, so it didn't cost much. If you are sending or recieving a few different plants this way, it is cost effective. Just one... well, it depends on the cost of the original variety, I guess. Remember, most cuttings are just routine prunings that you'd toss out anyway. So, if they get lost in third class, el cheapo mail, so what ?!

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