If I rip pansies up will the seeds still ripen?

GloxiniaLoverJune 19, 2012

If I rip pansies up with seed pods will the seeds still ripen? I have been growing pansies for only a few years but have saved the seeds every year. My plants are looking awful right now since I completely forgot to cut them back. They currently have about half seed pods and 1/4 flowers and another 1/4 wilted flowers/new seed pods. Has anybody tried pulling them up, putting them upside down in a bag and seeing if the seeds keep ripening? I assume so but want to know anybody else's experience with this? I really have to resist the urge to pull these guys up since I really want the seeds, I have some cool varieties such as Tiger's Eye, and some huge flowered(up to 4-5 inches across) ones, not sure the variety though.

Thanks to anybody who'll help!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I have read where some have asserted no, they will not ripen further.

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No. The seeds will not ripen.

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look for the pods furthest down the plant stems that are brown. pick them. they are ripe. one pod will give you a ton of seeds.

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