Wild Flower mix

kek19June 18, 2007

If you were going to collect your own wild flower seed mix, what would you want in it?

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I'd want Queene Anne's Lace, Mullin, Poke Weed, Pig weed, Golden Rod, Bitter Weed, Day Lillies, Pink Butter Cup, Spider Wort just to name a few. I guess your choice would depend on what grows in the area where you live.

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Well my idea is...I'm going thru a large "weed" patch and plan on collecting seeds from some of the natives, mostly to increase butterfly host plants, and am going to replant them in our useless 15' x 200' stretch of land accross the road. But i might save extra's in case anyone else would want it. So far, QAL, Mullien, and Golden Rod have been identified in my mess, and am planning on collecting those seeds. Also common milk weed, the tiny tall daisies and a few others. Personally, I have a lot of Purple Vetch Vine in my yard, I think it looks gorgeous growing amongst the weed patch, so I plan on adding that to the patch accross the road (it hasnt crossed on its own yet) But its considered extremely invasive, so I doubt I'd add the seed to a general wild flower mix, maybe just keep it seperate.

I was also thinking of adding some purple coneflower, salvia, and spider wort from my garden, just to add more color.

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Poke Weed for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Criação de sites

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