Cylindrical sansevieria

padraig_1(Florida 9a)September 17, 2003

I couldn't resist buying this plant last year. A rather wild-looking thing, it has four main cylinders, 4-41/2 feet long and now a pup. Is there any way to encourage blooming? Do I just leave the offspring there or does it need dividing? I usually feed with MiracleGro every other watering. Is this OK? Nice to see a new plant-specific forum.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

This is a tough question to answer. I will do it in several parts.

Most Sans need to be mature (many growth heads in one pot), and pot-bound before you EVER see any blooms. To hear it from most people I have talked to, their plant which bloomed had been in the same pot many years.

Last year, I 'forced' a plant to bloom, twice, but in doing that, I also scarred the leaves. There has to be a fine line with Epsom Salts, but I haven't found it yet. Late summer is a good time to start adding in ES into your regular watering schedule. I had blooms in late August, and again in September on the same plant. The scarring on the leaves is only on the inside of every new leaf that grew after it bloomed.

Denser leaved plants, the ones more stiff and thick, can take much more sun that the usual S. trifaciata types. I haven't conclusively ID'd the cylindric sans I grow, but have all my denser ones getting some hours of direct sunlight everyday. I would like to get some new growth from this one, as it was purchased with some 'corking' that seems to be causing distortion as the leaf grows.

In the case of the tall cylindric plants, mine hasn't grown more than an inch in the two years I have had it. So I would guess they are a very slow growing plant. Lovely to behold, I suspect that we will have to be content with their unique form more than their fragrant flowers!

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padraig_1(Florida 9a)

Thanks for the info, Cena. I guess I should have mentioned that my plant had just been divided from a larger plant when I bought it, and the dried remnant of a flower stalk was still present between two of the cylinders. I understand what you are saying about the older plants. Just doing a little wishful thinking! How long can you leave your pots outside and where?

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Cena(S CA 10A)

I leave all of my plants outside year round, just do the Succulent Shuffle when it starts rainy season. That would be in SoCal.

The fact that your plant has ALREADY bloomed is important information. That means that your plant is definately old enough. Now you just have to squeeze it into a pot where it feels 'threatened' enough. Learning to grow orchids, I have found some odd stuff. If a plant is happy and content, it is much easier to just keep up the vegetative growth and forget any reproduction imperatives. Sometimes you have to 'shock' or 'convince' a plant that it's life is in danger, and that it MUST make children, RIGHT NOW to survive, if not in it's current form, then in it's childrens.

I can't imagine shocking a Sans this way??? I suspect that you will have to wait for more leaves, and move to a small pot, and WAIT for blooms.

Did you get to see the blooms? Were they typical or more like S. kirkii? Do you have an actual name for your plant? Did a friend grow this, and are you or the friend part of a Cactus & Succulent Society somewhere? (Aren't I the nosey one?)

The reason that I ask about the Cactus & Succulent Society is that this is where 90% of my Sans come from. I have been exposed to some Fantastic plants there that I would never have known about or even guessed that they were Sansevierias.

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