Any experience with scale on sans?

kniphofiaSeptember 27, 2003

I was horrified to find my recently acquired "Forescate" has scale. I've isolated it from my other plants. I don't know whether to consign it to the compost heap (one leaf is totally gone), or try to treat it and rescue it.

I paid a lot of money for this plant!

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

I would try to rescue it. I don't have it but have read a lot of hoopla about what a special plant it is. Treat the plant mainly in a way to reestablish the health of the plant. Scale won't set it back unless it is really heavily infested and the bugs are down between the leaves. If you can find Marathon, it is a low toxicity systemic that works on scale. But, the plant must first be healthy. So, don't do things that are too drastic. The main way that scale is passed from plant to plant is by ants. So, keep these bugs away from your plants. Sometimes I will be told by an organic grower that ants don't do any harm. Not true--they are the worst spreaders of aphids, mealies, and scale, which they use to farm the plants. You can try other methods for scale and removal of all that you find with an old toothbrush. In the long run I have only ridded a plant completely of scale when I used a systemic.

Cape Cod Violetry sells small amounts of Marathon by mail. You can call or email. They have a website but no on-line catalog.

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The owner's name of Cape Cod Violetry is John Cook and the phone number is 508-548-2798. He is very reputable and I've purchased products from him and his email address is Good Luck with your problem, "Forescate" looks to be very beautiful.


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Cena(S CA 10A)

I have one other very 'out there' remedy for scale.

Instant powdered milk mixed very thick and sprayed or painted on, especially the leaf centers/crowns. In three days time the milk will have dried, started to crack, and peel off. The plant needs to be washed at this time. You will find that all the scale washes right off with gentle hand pressure.

This sufficates the insect, killing it, and causing it to loosen its hold.

You have to not be bothered by the slight smell of old milk while doing this.

This is a beautiful plant and would be worth any amount of trouble to get it healthy.

It goes without saying you should contact the agency where you purchased this plant and share your displeasure about receiving scale with the plant. Unless you were fighting it in the plants you already have?

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