Sansevieira cylindrica brings bad luck?

ronalawn82(z9FL)September 13, 2008

This week, I heard (second-hand, mind you) that this plant brings "bad luck". The speaker was quite emphatic. (S)he would not have the plant anywhere near. I am intrigued by this notion and wonder if anyone has heard this and what might be the rationale for the belief.

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yikes! I thought I had something special.

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tootswisc, I am not saying that you don't have and I am not saying that you do have a special plant. I have always held the (conceited?) view that my ancestors (East Indians) invented superstition and many are about plants. However Sansevieira has featured only in context of its aka snake plant and almost always by the women folk.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Was the source of the "bad luck" story in any way connected to Japan? (I found a Japanese story about luck and Sanseveria but the translation software won't handle it well enough to make out if they were talking about bad luck or good luck.)

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I always wonder how a plant can be connected with good luck or bad luck. Well I can see the tip of the leaves may be a bit menacing...

OTOH - As a CAM plant, Sans. cylindrica (as well as all other Cacti and many succulents and orchids) releases oxygen and takes up carbon dioxide in the night and therefore refreshes the air in the sleeping room.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

You must be joking, don't believe everything you hear and challange those stories that don't seem reasonable. Norma

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

All plants work in the same manner, Crassula 'Jade' plant is supposed to be good luck. And many plants are used for healing, (several Aloe) several are ediable, and poisenous, and to keep out evil and stop lightening from hitting their home, (Gasteria) In Africa many are used for healing. Many used for burns, and the Sansevieria were once called 'mother's - in -Law's tongue'. (they are sharp) There are books written on this subject. Rats love to eat the roots, and so do other animals when water is needed. They can save your life in a desert. So I don't believe they are evil plants. Euphoria can blind you, or give you cancer, if exposed and you brush up against it often. This was reported in a village in Madagascar, I read this report in one of my books, but I still don't know now accurate is this report Norma I have at least 6 or more posts of this species in my geen house for the past 35 years, both good luck and bad luck has come to my family. I don'g blame the plants for either. Norma

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Hello! I am a new member (presently)located near Detroit,MI. I have had GOOD LUCK with S. Cylindrica. I came across several plants in 6" (1 gal) pots this summer and bought five, thinking I could share them with coworkers and friends. I repotted all the plants separating the large, small, and leaf tip cuttings which were still attached. I sold all my rooted plants except one. The proceeds went toward my new sansevieria, and the related agave, collection. Went back to Wal-Mart to get my hand on a few more cylindricas and they were GONE! On my vacation travels next year will look for more at destination Wal-Mart stores.
Found Moonshine at a local Home Depot in 1 gal pots, after getting two smaller ones in Nashville Tn. on way home from vacation. Just brought everything indoors, as temps are starting to drop to freezing at night here.

Kevin Tyler

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There are seveal other species that will look like this species. Some are giants, there are at leat two forms, and perhaps more. May you have good luck forever. Mine is now 5 ft tall, doing great, getting new growth, it is good luck in Africa. Norma

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For heaven's sake!

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I forgot to tell you they can and will break any pot that they are grown in. Can lift a asphalt driveway, and poke you in the eye. Some San. are healing and save the lives of many animals, because of the water in the hold water in their rhizomes, that it lucky. Some heal wounds as well, I heard the roots are ediable. I have not tried it yet. This is read so if I come across it again, I will tell you where and what page it was written. Norma

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