'Golden Hahnii'

smithjm(z9 FL)September 22, 2006

Can I pot my golden hahnii in a 6'pot? or is that to big?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

There are so many answers to your question.

First, there is really no such thing as a pot being "too big". You could plant it in a 20 gallon barrel for that matter. The size of the pot along with the planting media can affect how the plant grows. For example, the plant is likely to produce more babies (offshoots) quicker if planted in a smaller container.

Secondly, the size of the pot along with the planting media will help determine how often the plant needs to be watered. Sans planted in bigger pots will generally need to be watered less often. Also, well drained soil is even more critical in a larger pot. This may also be an important consideration if you are leaving the plant outside where it gets rain.

Finally, the size of the plant will determine how small of a pot you can use. Obviously, an 8" diameter plant is not going to fit into a 6" pot.

I have Sans planted in containers ranging from 2" to 8". Most are in 6" pots. If they keep growing at the rate they are now, I'm going to have to repot them into 8" or bigger pots.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

The size of your pot should depend upon the size of your plant's root system. Sans roots like it snug, and they require WELL drained soil. If you can get your hands on some pumice that would be GREAT! Mix it with a well-aerated soil. I use C and S soil, mixed with desert sand in clay pots for most of my sans. Most of the Hahnii varieties are planted in little 2-3 inch plastic pots. Be careful watering the Hahnii varieties. They do not like to be watered in the crown. And, ease up on your watering for the winter. Maybe once a month!

Good Luck,

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Be careful when using sand! If you do use sand, verify that the type you are using is OK for the plant. Using the wrong sand can quickly result in the death of the plant.

Clay pots and pumice are great (if you can easily get the pumice). An easier option, especially in many parts of the country, is to use pearlite. I use 60% C&S soil with 40% pearlite for my Sans, and they absolutely love it.

Watering needs can vary quite a bit depending on multiple factors. Overwatering AND underwatering can cause problems. I water my Sans well once a week, but growers with less drainage or different conditions may have to water less often. I have one large Sansevieria clump that is planted in regular potting soil (not well drained) and it does super! I do water it a little less than the others relative to the size of the pots.

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smithjm(z9 FL)

Mine's about 4-5' in diameter. So I guess the 6 inch would be good. I've had this plant for almost 2 years, and it hasn't grown much. They're slow growers, so I won't have to repot anytime soon. I'm also very excited, yesterday when I went to Lowes, I found a sans moonglow. Only one left, someone else was looking at it and I practically ran and snatched it!! They don't sell those here much. I had seen one in HD but someone had it in their cart already.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Sometimes repotting them can bring about a spurt of growth. I have repotted slower growers before and had them take off. Maybe they just needed to know someone loved them. (-:

I saw a huge S. cylindrica the other day at Home Depot. It was dirt cheap and very health. It hurt to walk away from that one, but I just didn't have the room.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Brandon- SURELY you could have squeezed in the Cylindrica SOMEWHERE? Are ya still bruised from walking away from that one? LOL You are SO GOOD!


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

It's become a serious addiction. I designed, and had my uncle build, shelves for some of my windows. Each window now has a little over 9 square feet of shelf area for plants. We have a pretty large kitchen table that's so full of plants, there's really not room to eat a meal there. I have somewhere around 20 types of Sansevieria and duplicates of some types. I need a greenhouse!

I was back at Home Depot the other day. Can you believe they still have one of those Sans? Either everyone is like me and doesn't have an extra inch or people just don't know what a great find it is.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Brandon,

I'm guessing most folks have no idea what a great find that it. Most folks out there don't know that Sans. come in a large group of varieties, they think it's just the standard old yellow striped one (S. trifasciata laurentii) we see so commonly everywhere.

I gave a talk to my Indoor Gardening Society last Feb., on exactly this topic, Sans. I made a point of bringing in 8 or 10 of mine, all really different looking than the usual. It's my experience that outside succulent circles, most folks really don't have a clue abt this.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)


I'd tend to believe the most folks just don't know what a great find it is. I've never seen anything other than the Laurentii types at my local HD's. Most of my Sans came from a dear GW'r, Bob Smoley or Grigsby Cactus. I think I have close to 20 also, if not more.

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